10 Tips For Traveling On A Budget

As most of us all know travelling can be expensive and quite frequently the costs involved can put people off going to the one place that they’ve always dreamed of visiting. If you feel like this then,  this article will show you that you don’t need to be rich to achieve those dreams.

1. Wait For Airline Sales!

More often than not the most expensive part of your trip will be flight tickets. There a many places you can find deals online and if you don’t mind traveling with a budget airliner you can potentially save a lot of money. Just be sure to watch out for additional charges! Airliners sometimes offer cheap flights but tickets do not include baggage. Another thing to note is that certain airliners will charge you for picking a specific seat.

2. Cook Your Own Meals!

Simply cooking meals while your away can save an incredible amount of money, especially if your traveling as a family or as a group. I know you may want to try all the food that’s available and you still can but instead of eating out for three meals a day see if you can cut back to just eating out at dinner time.

3. Travel In Off Peak Seasons

Planning your trip during off peak season can really bring prices right down! and can even work in your favour when booking flights. Businesses and airliners tend to bump up pricing during busy times because of the large amount of traffic they receive for example New Zealand is renowned for camper holidays during the summer time because of the water activity’s available. When I travelled New Zealand in a camper, I actually got it for half of the price because I went in winter time.

Tips For Camper Vanning In New Zealand

4. Use Shared Accommodation

Staying in hostels can be more than half of what you would pay to stay in a hotel, sacrificing a little bit of privacy and comfort can be worth it if your willing. If travelling in large numbers, another great service is Air Bnb and in my opinion is better than staying in hotels as usually you will have a whole house/unit to stay in! For the super budget minded travellers have a look at the couch surfing app, people from all around the world offer their couches / spare rooms for free!

5. Use Ride Sharing Apps

While out and about it’s easy to get carried away grabbing taxis and the expenses can really add up after a long ride or multiple short ones. Using Services Such as Uber pool or Lyft can help to bring costs down, I know it won’t completely wipe away fares but it will reduce them and possible give you the chance to meet some cool people along the way!

6. Pre-Book!

When I say pre-book, I mean literally pre-book everything! Not just the necessitys such accommodation and flighst. Think about everything from the beginning of your trip right through until the end. Think of things like airport parking, rail passes, any activities you may or may not want to do if you change your mind on these it doesnt matter most of the time you’ll be eligible for a refund. By doing this you can get early bird deals and sales.

7. Stay Away from Popular Areas / Locations

Generally, the more touristy a location is the more you can expect inflated prices. Locations with a high turnover of people inflate prices simply because they can, and they know people will still pay. I’m not saying avoid going to more expensive countries but pick your specific location wisely. Even places such as Bali, known for being an insanely cheap tourist hot spot still has regions that are more expensive than others. Do your research!

8. Buy That Travel Sim!

Trust me when I say this, Data is expensive! Using data overseas is one of the biggest money wasters I’ve unfortunatley been caught out with. Getting a sim card for the country you visit generally allows you to use unlimited data for your entire trip depending on how much you pay. To save extra money avoid buying these when you land at the airport as you’ll pay double to what you would from a store in the city.

9. Shop Like A Local

Everyone does a least a little bit of shopping while abroad, use your smarts and avoid those tourist gift shops you see everywhere and opt for markets, not only will you receive something more authentic you’ll be helping the locals. Don’t forget to try bargaining, something rarely seen in western societies is practiced quite commonly in others and can lead to some great deals!

10. Exchange Currency Before You leave

Chances are you’re going to want some cash for your trip, avoid withdrawing money from ATMs overseas as the exchange rate is never as good as if you were withdrawing from your bank at home. Not to mention using ATMs and card reader machines while abroad will incur international fees.

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