10 Best Adventure Activitys To Do In Queenstown NZ

So, the flights are booked, you’ve heard Queenstown is the ultimate location for adrenaline junkies but are not sure what to do? Here’s my top ten from the time I spent in Queenstown.

  1. Go Skiing or Snowboarding!

One of the southern hemisphere’s better locations for snow. If your planning on going to Queenstown I would highly recommend Planning a ski/Snowboarding trip and doing other activities on days in between. Queenstown has the following four different resorts:

  • Coronet Peak
  • The Remarkables
  • Cardrona alpine resort
  • Treble Cone

A Complete Guide To NZ Ski Fields

2. Shotover Jet Boat

By far the best way to see the Shotover canyons, experience an exhilarating jet boat ride. Coming mere centimetres from canyon walls this one is sure to keep you on your toes.

  1. The Nevis Bungee

AJ Hackett‘s biggest bungee in New Zealand, Picture yourself Jumping 134m, Free falling for an incredible 8.4 seconds only to be pulled straight back to top once’s it’s all over!

  1. Hydro Attack

Experience a ride like no other! Two-man submersible built like a shark. Powered by a 260 hp engine that accelerates from 0-80 kph in 3.9 seconds. To add to the fun, it can also leap 18 feet out of the water!

  1. Shotover Canyon Swing

If the adrenaline is not pumping after the first 4 in this it sure will be after you experience the canyon swing. Jump from a 109-meter cliff, freefall for 60-meters and swing across the canyon for 200 meters!

  1. Shotover Fox

If the Shotover canyon swing wasn’t enough, the Shotover team also Offer the Shotover Fox. Like ziplining but across the Shotover canyon for 445 meters. Picture hanging from 182 meters in the air while taking in one of the greatest landscapes in the world.

A good thing to note is the Shotover team offer combo packages for all three activities. The swing, fox, and jetboat a great way to save some money.

  1. Ziptrek Eco Tours

Based at the top of the skyline gondola is Ziptrek Eco Tours “Tree House” The starting point for their zip-lining tours! Home of the worlds steepest Zip-line you’ll reach speeds of 70 km/h while descending three stories!

  1. Skydiving

If by now you are not ready to give up the thrill of falling, then skydiving is for you! With multiple locations just outside of Queenstown all with their own unique views there’s bound to be one that stands out for you!

  1. Luge

Race your friends down the mountain! With beginner and advanced courses be sure to try them both. Also to save your money book a gondola and Luge combo.

  1. Heli Boarding/Skiing

Unfortunately, this one I did not get a chance to do while in New Zealand but I thought I’d add it to the list anyway. For the more advanced boarder/ skiers you have the option to take a helicopter into the back country! To search for the powder that we all want a love!

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